Grand Vampire Chase

I call the big one Bitey

Grand Vampire chase was also made for the GDC Pirate Kart, and thus also showed at GDC 2012. It’s a hack of Kart Bomber, actually, with the Karts changed to bats and some other stuff fiddled around too. Your goal is to swat the Grand Vampire — he’s the one with the crown on. Simple, hey?

Yeah, it pretty much is. Unlike Kart Bomber, which is so hard as to be funtionally impossible, Grand Vampire Chase is really really easy. Them’s the breaks!

The game was inspired by a Twitter competition between Jonathan Whiting and Michael Brough, who were both creating games called "Grand Vampire Chase" for the Pirate Kart. In the true spirit of Pirate Kartery, I decided I’d get all up in their challenge and make one myself. And thus this game was born!

Just mouse it!

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