It's not easy being blue

Puppet was a game created — from scratch, mind you — for a two-hour game jam organised by Indie Buskers. The theme I was assigned was "a game that plays the player," and I had two hours to turn that into what you see here.

Which ain’t much of much, I agree, but come on. I think I carried the theme off pretty well, even though my original concept had to be slashed horrendously to get anything accomplished under the time limit. Per usual, the whole thing was done in AS3 using FlashDevelop and FlashPunk, and all the levels are hard-coded by hand into the game. Which almost gave me fits on level four, let me tell you.

I found the theme fun to work with, and I’d actually had a similar idea bouncing around in my head for a while about trying to blur the distinction between player and played. Not that I think this silly little thing is exactly a revelation, but it works well enough in its own way. Takes a couple of minutes to play, and has two different endings.

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